Ocean Tables Will Make You Feel Like You Live At The Beach

ocean tables by Vrogers Design

Vanessa Rogers of Vrogers Designs is an Austin-based artist and carpenter whose custom and refurbished furniture embellished with ocean waves is unique, inviting and beautiful.

Ocean Tables by Vrogers Designs

Vanessa uses resin to create resin cells that look exactly ocean waves. She’s managed to capture the foam, the depth and the glistening quality of the ocean and adds it to wood to create eye-catching coffee tables, end tables, desks, consoles, charcuterie boards, artist palettes and more.

Cut wood, living edge wood or vintage wood pieces get new life with the addition of her resin art. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are available through her site and advertised as to when they ‘drop’ via her instagram account. The pieces get snapped up pretty quickly, so you’ve got to follow her on Insta if interested.

Ocean Tables by Vrogers Designs:

Ocean Charcuterie Boards and Artist Palettes:

Her Ocean tables and Charcuterie boards have an epoxy on them so they are safe surfaces for food. However, you can not cut on these surfaces. Treat them like mirrors, using windex and a rag to clean gently.

Artist and Carpenter Vanessa Rogers

Vanessa creates other things in addition to her Ocean furniture. Visit her site for more.

Follow her on instagram @vrogersdesigns

Thanks to Vanessa for all the great images and work!

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