NeSpoon Venetian Lace Mural for Italy’s Link Urban Art Festival

NeSpoon Venetian Lace Mural

Polish muralist NeSpoon and the team at True Quality created this mural for the Link Urban Art Festival in Brescia, Italy, where, after four blistering hot days, the wall of condominium N°8 in the San Bartolomeo district was completed.

NeSpoon Venetian Lace Mural

Brescia, Italy’s Link Urban Art Festival began a few years back with the aim of revitalizing and relaunching the cultural outskirts of the city. Put on annually by True Quality, a Cultural Association for Urban Creativity, renowned artists are invited to work on a public art project. Over 30 artists have participated in the event to date.

LINK Urban art festival invite 2022
LINK Urban art festival invite 2022

This year, one of the three invited artists was muralist NeSpoon whose work we shared with you in the past.

nespoon brescia italy mural

NeSpoon developed a texture inspired by vintage Venetian lace which is also a symbol of harmony, femininity and connection; in which to drape a corner of an apartment building.

Vintage lace from Burano (left) inspired the pattern
Vintage lace from Burano (left) inspired the pattern

Thanks to the folks at True Quality and the artist, we can show you some pics of the process and completed piece of urban art.

nespoon mural

nespoon mural brescia italy

link urban art festival italy mural

link urban art festival 2022

condo no 8 saint bartelemo nespoon IIHIH

nespoon italy mural detail2

About True Quality Cultural Association:
True Quality is a Cultural Association that supports urban creativity, promoting activities and events aimed at raising awareness of the phenomena of Graffiti Writing and Steet-Art; was born from the need to allow young artists, who share and spread the artistic and social values ​​of Urban Art, to find expression through these forms of art.

The main activities carried out by the association are:
• Design and creation of decorations specifically designed for indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Organization of laboratories and workshops aimed at introducing the world of Writing and Street Art.
• Organization of events with the involvement of nationally and internationally known artists.
• True Quality is recognized by the Ministry of Youth Policies and included in the circuit of the Italian Associations for Urban Creativity (ACU).

LINK Urban Art Festival site

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