New Mountainside House in Beau Constantia

This new mountainside house in the South African farm town of Beau Constantia by Cape Town’s Metropolis Design is a horizontal structure carved into the hillside whose courtyards with glazed glass windows and walls provide both a sense of enclosure and a sense of openness simultaneously.

Mountainside House in Beau Constantia

metropolis-design-beau-constantia-house exterior3

The home, which is available to rent, combines simplicity and minimalist design with natural materials and the colors of nature throughout. Concrete and wood compliment one another in both the interior and exterior of the home.

Standing in contrast to the weathered sandstone block at the apex of the mountain, the new house establishes a dialogue with nature.

metropolis-design-beau-constantia-house exterior4

The horizontal concrete block is punctured to let in the surrounding mountain landscape and sky with various glazed glass windows, doors and even walls.


There is both a strong sense of enclosure and a powerful feeling of unmediated immersion in landscape. This is in large measure due to the blurring of the inside with the outside through the introduction of extensive windows and collapsible walls.

The home is designed so that all the rooms have access to the surrounding landscape and views.

metropolis design beau constantia bedroom

The large center courtyard includes a swimming pool, a bench set amongst grasses, a spa tub and built in seating.

beau-constantia house courtyard

The use of natural materials and tones continues the theme of living in nature, which began in the first cycle of houses at Beau Constantia, roughly fifteen years ago. The house is intended to be a timeless response to a raw and powerful landscape.

Inquire about booking the Villa (which sleeps 8 comfortably) here.

The villa is situated on the Beau Constantia wine farm, where you’ll find a wine tasting room and the 5-star Chef’s Warehouse Restaurant. The villa’s open-plan design with wood-panelled finishes, swimming pool, garden area, tennis court and 24/7 security, provides guests with the very best stay luxurious in Cape Town.

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images and information courtesy of Metropolis Design in Cape Town and of Cape Concierge