Just What Every Christmas Tree Needs: A Merman Ornament.

Merman Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to random themed Christmas Tree decorations, the Mermen Christmas Ornaments are collection of ornaments ranks way up there. Last year I introduced you to the raunchiest ornaments I could find and although it’s hard to beat those for slightly subversive and sexy tree embellishments, Mermen come awfully close.

Merman Christmas Ornaments

Merman Christmas Ornaments

Clearly designed for the gay market, they also appeal to those with aquatic fetishes or the many who pride themselves on collecting the most bizarre ornaments they can find. All types of glitter embellished resin bare-chested hunks with fishtails made by December Diamonds are available, from Goalies to Pirates. Hand made with care, the ornaments are made of a light composite resin and they add new ones each year to their collection. While they also make Mermaids and other aquatic themed baubles, the Mermen are the most popular. And they sell out quickly, because they really are fabulous.

Here are just a few:
candy can and hoodie Mermen Christmas Ornamentsmermen ornaments 1Surf and pearl diver merman christmas ornamentstool and timberofficer and ranger gay christmas ornamentsDallas and StudBiceps and Fiftypride and clambakeJagger and H20Mario and BoTriton merman and logo

And of course, King Neptune (aka Santa):
Santa merman

Remember, these are only a few. There are a lot more to choose from including Mermaids, couples and more.

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