Sweet or Savory, Lauren Ko’s Pies and Tarts Are Modern Art

lokokitchen pies and tarts

Seattle based Lauren Ko says she bakes for fun, but one look at her pies and tarts and it’s hard to believe she’s not baking for a museum. The self-taught San Diego born Ko of Lokokitchen has been an Instagram star ever since her very first pie pic post received over 600 likes in hours. Now, with over 315,000 followers she’s got a new book coming out in the Fall.

Lokokitchen Pies and Tarts

Chocolate Ganache Tart with Citrus Stained Glass Ombre

Her pies are visually striking in geometric designs and colorful patterns that look as fabulous cut in pieces as they do whole. The sweet and savory pies and tarts are made with sophisticated combinations of ingredients such as Cardamom coffee cream with a shortbread crust and pear; or Butternut bacon macaroni and cheese pie with a whole wheat cheddar chive crust.

Below are several examples of her pies and tarts. They are just beautiful.

Blackberry curd tart with a pecan crust and dragon fruit tiles.
Blue Spirulina Lemon Tart with Kiwi
Grapefruit Curd Tart with Ombre Citrus Medley
Matcha Mousse Oreo Tart with Tessellated Mango and Dragon Fruit
Honey Ricotta Tart with Chioggia Beets
Vegan Black Sesame Tart with Dragon Fruit Herringbone
Baked Chicken and Pepper Sauce Pie
Baked Peach Pie with Pink Squiggle Design
Baked Pizzelle Pie with Italian Plums and Amaretto

The intricate designs and patterns include weaves and waves of colored dough.

Strawberry Mango Pie with Woven Diamond Lattice
Chinese vegetables and ground pork savory pie
Blueberry Pineapple Blue Wave Pie
Apple Tart

Lauren does not sell her pies, but she does share the recipes and instruction in her new book. Wouldn’t now be a good time to start learning?

The Book:

She has a new book coming out this October, Piometry, in which Lauren reveals her secrets, sharing stories about her designs and the inspiration behind them. Warm and funny, she recounts the spectacular piesasters that led to some of her best creations, and breaks down her most beautiful designs, describing how to make naturally-colored dough, intricate weaves, and striking cut-out patterns.

Pieometry provides clear, step-by-step instructions, accompanied by helpful photographs, which any patient baker can follow to build these pies from bottom crust to top in their own kitchens. Lauren makes it easy to mix and match doughs, fruits, fillings, and designs, and each recipe includes suggestions for alternative ingredients. Best of all, the beautiful finished pie and tart photos are just as much of a treat to look at as the pies are to eat.
Pre-order Piometry here.

Lauren Ko of Lokokitchen


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