Kermit the Frog As Hannibal Lecter, A Droog, ET, Yoda and More Movie Favorites.

kermit photo a day hero IIHIH
Aspiring producer Matthew McCrory took his love for The Muppets’ Kermit The Frog and began a tumblr site in which he posted a picture a day of Kermit for the month of May. The puppet strikes various poses, some of which recreate pop culture movie favorites.

Kermit in Silence Of The Lambs (Hannibal Lecter):

Kermit in Star Wars (Yoda):

Kermit in American Beauty:

Kermit in A Clockwork Orange (as a Droog):

Kermit in Anchorman (Ron Burgundy):

Kermit in Hamlet:

Kermit in Batman:

Kermit in JAWS (as the shark):

Kermit in Girl With A Pearl Earring:

Kermit in Trainspotting:

Kermit in ET (as the Extra Terrestrial):

Kermit in Up:

Kermit in Brokeback Mountain:

Kermit in Death Becomes Her:

Kermit in King Kong:

Kermit as The MGM Lion:

images courtesy of Matthew McCrory and Yahoo News

See them all here

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