Combination Dining and Foosball Tables From RS Barcelona.

combination foosball dining tables

Designed to function as either, these combination Dining and Foosball tables are the result of the successful collaboration between RS Barcelona and designer Rafael Rodríguez – and a little help from Spanish chef José Andrés.

Combination Dining and Foosball Tables

While you can literally play while you eat, these combination dining tables and foosball tables allow you to use the table as either. Or stop mid-game for a bite. And you can look down into the table as you eat. Made by RS Barcelona, designer and manufacturer of high-end game tables, they offer three versions; The RS2, The RS3 Wood and the RS Max.

These all work inside or outside and are great for people who like to entertain or for hotels, bars, fraternities, and other institutions. They come in sophisticated color options like navy blue, silver, white, black, red and green and the legs are available in either steel or unpainted wood.

As with all the football tables by RS Barcelona, you can have these customized. Choose your favorite teams, the line-up (3-3-4 or 2-5-3) and the field color. You can decide whether to have players with legs joined together or two legs. You can have male players, female players or mixed teams, and you can choose the color of their skin. They can even be chefs, police officers, rock stars, film stars, nurses or priests. It’s up to you!

RS2 Dining table

The smallest of the three and the best suited for most private homes, the RS2 Dining table comes in two different heights: as a standard dining table (76 cm – 30 in) or as a tall bar table (100 cm – 39.4 in):

and with your choice of two different sizes of 1-cm-thick tempered glass: oval (for 6 people) or rectangular (for 4 people):

The painted steel table can be used either indoors or out and comes in six available colors.

RS3 Wood Dining table

The RS3 Wood is larger and taller than the RS2. And it has legs made of Ioko wood, suitable for outdoors.

At a height of 100 cm (39.4 in), it’s a tall table that feels at home in a bar, the workplace or in your own game room. Choose from either an oval (78″ x 52″) or rectangular (63″ x 52″) tempered glass top. Available in 4 colors, the table can also be customized further.

RS Max Dining Table

The dining version of their longest foosball table, the RS Max, comes with a rectangular glass top measuring 111.3″ x 52″ and can accommodate 10 for dinner, 8 for gameplay.

It’s the same height (39.4 in) as the RS3 Wood and works with counter-height stools (76 cm / 30 in). Suited for either indoors or out (as long as you’ve got the space!), it’s available in 3 colors and can be further customized upon request.

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all images and information courtesy of RS Barcelona

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