Animal-Shaped BBQ Grills Made To Order

Animal BBQ grills

Two of our most popular posts over the years have been those on Animal-Shaped Furniture and those on The Best Modern BBQs and Grills, so when we came across The Brixton BBQ Co. and their custom animal-shaped BBQ grills, how could we resist?

Animal-shaped BBQ grills

We’ve written about many cool outdoor BBQs and Grills, but we hadn’t yet seen anything like these.

These British handmade and designed barbecue grills are cut and sculpted from high quality steel and completed with a powder coated finish available in a range of colors. Sold via etsy by the Brixton BBQ Co., these animal-shaped BBQ Grills are created to your specific needs and come in a range of animals as well as sizes.

Bull BBQ Grill:

Bear BBQ Grill:

Wolf BBQ Grill:

Ram BBQ Grill:

Horse BBQ Grill:

Each is handmade and features a stainless steel removable grill with heavy duty steel firebox.

Available also as mere garden sculptures, Brixton BBQ Co. will create them to your specific specifications, including the following colors: Beige, Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Grey, Green or Silver and the following sizes: 144 cm (full height), 84 cm (Grill height), 240 cm (width) or 95 cm (length). According to their etsy store, they only take 2-3 weeks.
As always, handmade bespoke items don’t come cheap, these range from $842.00USD to $868.00 USD (free shipping).

Shop for the animal BBQ grills here

all images and information courtesy of Brixton & Co. 

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