The Design of Love Collection is Fanciful and Fun Furniture for Indoors or Out.

Design is Love Collection

Designed to work both indoors and out, this new collection of furniture and accessories are Baroque in style but produced in polyethylene and modern colors. Combining old ornate silhouettes with modern materials and pop art colors, the Design of Love Collection is a great way to add both formality and fun to your home or yard.

Design of Love Collection

Lord of Love tables and Princess of Love chairs

Design of Love was born from the creativity of Italian designers Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti, who came up with this simultaneously antique and contemporary collection. After the success of their first product, the iconic Queen of Love armchair in 2015, Italian company Slide Design bought the collection and, together with the two designers, enriched the Design Of Love with many new products in neo-baroque styles.

The Queen of Love armchair

All the products in the collection have the same main design features from the original Queen of Love Armchair that appealed to so many. Ornate decorative details typical of the Italian Baroque style juxtaposed against the contemporary material of polyethylene and produced in bright colors. All the products are made in Italy.

Duke of Love low table and Frame of Love

They are easy to take care of, work both indoors and outside and liven up a dreary or boring home or yard. The majesty of the collection in its entirety is that it’s ideal for hotels, events or public areas and still fun for residential homes.

Frame of Love wall mirror

Design of Love Lighting:

Crown of Love chandelier light
Dame of Love pendant light
Lady of Love table lamp
Madame of Love floor lamp
King of Love floor light

“The Design of Love collection is a box of ideas and emotions that arise from the simplicity of a unique material: the recyclable linear polyethylene. The collection is completely Made in Italy and has brought a touch of freshness and an innovative approach to the design world by reinterpreting the Baroque furniture in a Pop way.” – Moro e Pigatti

Design of Love Furniture:

Queen of Love armchair and matching Little Prince of Love pouf
Little Prince of Love pouf
Little Queen of Love armchair for kids
Princess of Love chair
Duke of Love low table
Princess of Love chair and Lord of Love table
Master of Love tall table
Mister of Love high stool
Sir of Love Table in black with smoked glass top with Princess of Love chairs in black
Sir of Love table in white with white HDL top with Princess of Love chairs in white

Design of Love Accessories:

Frame of Love, various sizes
Mirror of Love
Pot of Love planters
Joker of Love modular bookcase

100% Recyclable

All Slide products are 100% recyclable and some of the catalogue colors are recycled too, such as Jet Black, Elephant Grey, Chocolate Brown and Mahogany Leather. Slide uses the virtuous concept of the circular economy: every product can be used infinite times. Every company creation can turn again into plastic powder that will give life to a new product. Thanks to this virtuous circle of life, single material polyethylene is a precious commodity for the community. Our polyethylene is a single-material polymer that is composed of a single type of plastic. This purity of the material allows it to be completely recycled.

About the designers (from Slide):

Designers Moro and Pigatti

Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti share tastes, ideas and dreams: both of them think creativity is suitable for every kind of object as long as it elicits new emotions and feelings. The duo says they’ve been in love with beauty and aesthetics in all its forms since they were children: this is the reason why they started working in fashion and design. In the first one, they are consultants for important brands and in 2001 they founded their own brand, Magazzini del Sale. In the second one, they created the Design of Love collection.

You can shop SLIDE’s online store for some of these items here.

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