Confederate Motorcycles: Raw, Rugged, Rebellious & Rare (and rockin’ design)

Confederate Motorcycles

Confederate motorcycles are raw, rebellious, rugged and very rare. With really rocking design and technology produced in limited editions, they are motorcycles for the exclusive set with some serious coin.

Confederate Motorcycles

Confederate Motorcycles

Founded in 1991 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Matt Chambers, Confederate Motor Company set out to create machines utilizing a holistic, avant-garde process for celebrating the art of rebellion.

Above: The B120 Wraith broke the world land speed record this past September, 2008 at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Wraith took a speed of 166.459 in the A-PF 2000cc push rod and unfared class, shattering the old record of 141 mph.

Their models include The B120 Wraith (production limited to 250 – 88 available before the book is closed), The F131 Hellion Combat (production limited to 150 – 7 available before the book is closed), The Renovatio and the C120 Renaissance Fighter (only 45 were made, 42 still available as of the time of this post) made exclusively for Neiman Marcus.

Their site has their history, their manifesto and more, but their nine ‘iron law mandates’ which make up their vision statement (to ‘Create the world’s ultimate street motoring experience, by far!’) really say it all:

1. Initiate a return to honest American industrial and mechanical design
Your pioneering ancestors gambled their lives and the lives of their beloved women and children upon the hope for and faith in individual and familial empowerment. This new-world dream is the source of what you must feel when you mount, spark and cane your Confederate. Your machine must make real the promise of principled individuality.
2. Never compromise passion, intensity, time or money.
If you had all the world’s resources from which to draw and one motorcycle to create, how would you conceive, design and craft her?
3. Create through deep, considered, actual individual emotion.
Because you would not compromise time, you would not have a completion date. Thusly, your most intense fiery passion could grow organically, as you searched your personal depths for the meaning which this body of work must convey, for the feeling and engagement of her owner and herself to be real.
4. Perfect a balance of technology and the primitive.
To achieve the pinnacle of enrichment from your motorcycle, she would have to possess an artful balance of connectivity with actual worldwide diverse human experience while embracing the best and most correct solutions for what the most hopeful prediction that our collective future holds for us all. The self actualized art of rebellion is the tool for the ultimate enrichment of individual self expression.
5. Invest absolute faith.
Your machine represents your expression of personal rebellion against the collective powers which constantly seek to make you and your ideas in their grandiose image, coupled with the maximum capacity within your spirit to dream of machine creation that upon experience transforms her rider to a new place where no power in the known world could prevent acute comfort being exactly as you are. The key that unlocks this dream is faith — faith in yourself and your vision.
6. Overbuild.
Your art must be impervious to the calendar. Actualized design requires the creation of perpetual timeless heirlooms. An overly robust absolute fatigue resistant machine is a must.
7. Maximize and evolve individual craftsmanship.
Love lives in the doing. Showcasing individual craft work in its most skeletal form declares the openness of your heart and fearlessness with which you engage with life.
8. Relish the challenge.
It must be fun. Your machine’s design and creation is the journey; she will be used throughout time for the taking of journeys and these journeys are the point. Outcome and destination are not the priority.
9. Persist eternally.
You cannot fail. You are a winner. The end is not in doubt. You will never ever stop.

The Machines

The B120 WRAITH:

Wraith details and specs.


Combat details and specs.



Renovatio details and specs.

And especially for this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Fantasy Gifts catalog, the Limited-Edition Fighter Motorcycle, The Renaissance, of which only 45 were made:

Above: Exclusively made for NM, courtesy of Confederate Motor Company®, the first ever Fighter packs 190 mph of performance into its cutting edge carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis. 64″ wheelbase, 27″H seat, integrated braking system, lots of high-tech bells and whistles, and custom NM edition features. Price? $110,000.00 USD. To purchase, call 1.877.9NM.GIFT.

Confederate Motor Company