2008 Chanel Sports Gear For Fashionista Athletes

Chanel Sports Gear For Fashionista Athletes

Everyone knows Chanel for their purses, make-up, fragrances, skin care and couture, but what you may not know is that famous french fashion house also makes some very luxe sporting equipment and work out gear.

Chanel Sports Gear For Fashionista Athletes

If anyone you know is an athletic Fashionista, here are a few items they’re bound to appreciate. Although Chanel has come out with skis, racquets and footballs before, here’s their latest collection which includes new skis, a snowboard, a fishing rod with lures and much more.

Rosewood fiberglass and aluminum parabolic snow skis (price unknown):

Resin, wood and fiberglass Snowboard, $2,750. USD:

Fishing rod with Double C flies in quilted case, $18,000. USD:

Karl Lagerfeld with his fishing rod.

Chanel couture bicycle, $12,000.USD:

Graphite tennis racquet complete with matching CC balls, $255. USD:

Chanel neoprene dumbells (a pair is $760. USD):

The above items are available at various Chanel boutiques.

From last year (in case you never saw these)….
The 2007 Chanel pigskin football, tennis racquets and trompe l’oeil quilted skis: