It’s Not A Watch. Really, It’s Not. The Becomb Infinity.

Becomb Infinity

It may look like a watch, but this is actually a piece of jewelry designed to look like a watch, only it has no hands or movement.

Becomb Infinity

It’s the type of product that often receives the “I don’t get it” reaction.  It was founder Levi Maestro’s desire to create products that one already uses, but with a twist. The Infinity Piece is the first of such products for Maestro’s company, Becomb.

Becomb founder Levi Maestro:

In life we are all on our way to becoming something. Maybe it’s becoming responsible, becoming an artist, becoming a student, so on & so forth we’re always working towards the next stage of our journey. becomb (pronounced be•comb) is a representation of exactly that, a brand that is setting out to become something great. Just like your friend whose parents decided to spell their name abnormally, we were also given something special. Behind the unique name stands a unique purpose… to make products you already use, with an entirely new flip!- Levi Maestro

Lots of people wear wristwatches out of habit and check their smartphones for the actual time. Others like the weight of something on their wrist and still others like to own something out of the ordinary. For them, Becomb offers the Infinity Piece in several colors and bands.

The company has finally launched a website along with some new models of the Infinity. The Infinity, which is unisex, is made of stainless steel and measures 38mm in diameter. All the models cost $150 and, with the exception of the $85 Clear + Slate, are on genuine stingray bands.

Their most recent model is a collaboration with Diamond Supply Co.:

The Diamond Supply Co. version on the wrist:

And here are the others they stock.
Clear + Slate, $85:

On Stingray Bands:
Black + Gold, $150:

Black + Rose, $150:

Black + Silver, $150:

Black + Slate, $150:

Flesh + Rose, $150:

Arctic + Gold, $150:

Arctic + Rose, $150:

Arctic + Silver, $150:

And the collaboration with Diamond Supply Co. which has a diamond etched onto the stainless silver, as shown earlier in this post:

Shop Becomb Infinity pieces here