Barisieur Alarm Clock Wakes You With Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea

Barisieur Alarm Clock Espresso Maker

I love waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Apparently, I’m not alone given The Barisieur, a designer alarm clock that wakes you with freshly brewed coffee or tea, managed to exceed its crowding funding goal on Kickstarter and is now offering orders on Indiegogo.

Barisieur Alarm Clock Combo Coffee Maker

Barisieur Alarm Clock Combo Coffee Maker

The bedside barista, if you will, is the brainchild of founder Joshua Renouf, who began the project while at University. A bedside alarm clock made with high-end materials atop which sits a removable automatic coffee (or tea) brewer to ease you into the day with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.

After partnering with engineers, product developers, business strategists and manufacturers, the Barisieur is presently in the prototype stage, with expectations for complete and final products to be delivered by July of 2017 (see the latest update here). You can order the Barisieur now at a special Indiegogo price. The product is expected to retail for $420 once it is at market.

The product’s design is streamlined and modern but retains an artisanal look and feel. Walnut wood with a black clock or Ash wood with a white clock give it either a masculine, clubby feel or a clean modern white appearance, allowing it to suit almost any decor.

It encourages a ritual in order to establish a routine before going to sleep, signaling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax.

EASY TO USE | Intuitive without any complicated settings or buttons. It’s easy to set up and you can quickly learn how to use it.

VERSATILITY | Works just as well with Tea as it does Coffee. Display it on your bedside, kitchen or even at your desk at work.

EFFICIENCY | Using induction heating means an efficient boiling time.

PRACTICALITY | The Barisieur is easy to clean since. Glassware and stainless steel parts are all dishwasher safe.

SAFETY | The Barisieur design is safe, since the heating surface stays cool due to induction.

DESIGN | The Barisieur is functional yet aesthetically pleasing. It is an example of contemporary timeless design, which will hopefully accompany you for many years to come.

They have a comprehensive outline of all the incurred costs and the journey of the product to market here.

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