All The Stoughton Farm Crop Maizes Since 2005

Each year the family-run Stoughton Farm creates a large walk-through corn crop “Maize” to entice visitors to their roadside farm market located in Newark Valley, New York.

Stoughton Farm Crop Maizes

Owned by Tim and Deb Stoughton, Stoughton Farm grows and sells 10 greenhouses of annuals and perennials, gardening tools and more. Each year they design a different crop maze, without the help of aliens, for visitors to walk through from September through October. 2016 will be Stoughton’s 12th season creating the area’s original large scale corn “MAiZE” which is said to draws 10,000 visitors per year.

Walking through the corn “MAiZE” at Stoughton Farms

They have been getting a lot of press this year because the nearly eight-acre maze features images from the popular Mario Bros video games. Mario, Luigi, Princess, Toad and Yoshi, are all instantly recognizable characters viewed from above:

2016- Mario Bros maize

And here’s a look at all their previous “MAiZES”:

2015 – Anti-Bullying Awareness
2014 – Adopt Don’t Shop, Support your local Animal Shelter!
2013 – Stoughton Farm 100th Anniversary
2012 – Sleepy Hollow
2011- Farm Bureau 100 years
2010 – Spooky Vampire
2009 – Read More Books with Senator Libous
2008 – Renewable Energy
2007 – Happy 50th Anniversary Anne & Maurice Stoughton
2006 – Welcome Back Tioga Downs
2005 – US 101 Helicopter

Stoughton Farm is located at 10898 State Route 38 in Newark Valley, N.Y.

Stoughton Farm

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