Peacock Spiders Wish Us A Creepy Crawly and Cute Christmas!

Snake Buddies, whose mission is to promote reptile awareness and offer alternatives to wild-caught pets, took it upon themselves to turn footage by Jürgen Otto (aka Peacock Spider Man) into one of the cutest Christmas videos ever. And this is coming from a woman who is deathly afraid of spiders!

The Trumps Win When It Comes To Being Presidentially Spooky

To compliment POTUS, FLOTUS and this administration in any way whatsoever is a difficult thing for this liberal blog. We are fundamentally opposed to many of their policies and disgusted by much of their rhetoric. That said, when it comes to decorating the exterior of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. the 54th President, whose own head looks […]

Incredible Jewelry Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s Dark Side

I am in awe of the jewelry pieces designed by Lydia Courteille. They are some of the finest and most imaginative wearable art pieces ever made.

Artist Travis Louie’s Creatures and Curiosities

Travis Andrew Louie spent his childhood browsing comic book shops and watching movies at the local cinema in Queens, New York. Growing up in a world of rocket ships, superheroes and giant monsters, he began filling sketchbooks with images of movie monsters like King Kong, Godzilla and Ray Harryhausen creatures. Now, Travis’ drawing, sketches and […]

Time Creeps Up You With The Arachnophobia Clock

Luxury watch brand MB&F has teamed up with Switzerland’s only remaining specialized high-end clock manufacturer L’Epeé 1839 to launch Arachnophobia, a limited edition, time-telling spider inspired by the famous Louise Bourgeois sculpture.

The Gothic Art of Toon Hertz – 25 Bewitching Examples

Belgian born artist Toon Hertz keeps his real name a secret, but luckily not his work. His digitally manipulated images combine photography with illustration to result in surreal and dark, but sweet portraits. With their big eyes and tiny noses, his subjects resemble Bratz dolls if Tim Burton were to design them.

Something Wicked This Way Rolls. 12 Creepy Bowling Balls.

Given the spooky time of year, I was thinking about the beautifully designed zombie head  13th Street bowling balls by illustrator Oliver Paass for ad agency Jung von Matt 2011 TV promotion for German Horror Channel 13th Street. This got me wondering about scary bowling balls and which, if any, were available to buy.

Joshua Hoffine Brings Your Nightmares To Life In His Beautiful Horror Photography

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I wanted to share with you the ghoulish photography of 35 year old Joshua Hoffine of Missouri.