5 Years Later, A Look Back At The Weirdest Michael Jackson Moments.

weirdest michael jackson moments IIHIH

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the King of Pop moon-walked out of our lives. His music continues to live on both in its original form as well as its influence on many music artists today. But it’s hard to ignore some of the weirdest Michael Jackson moments in his too short of a life. These are probably the pictures he’d most like you to forget.

Weirdest Michael Jackson Moments

• The time his hair caught fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial:

• For a few years, Michael took his pet chimp, Bubbles, with him everywhere he went:

• His “dating”  Brooke Shields. In this photo he’s at the Grammys with Brooke as his date while he holds actor Emmanuel Lewis (who starred in TV’s Webster):

• His bizarre marriage to Lisa Marie Presley and their odd, completely unsexy music video they made together:

• When Michael began sleeping in his hyperbaric Oxygen chamber:

• When he began wearing a mask in public:

Michael’s 2003 mug shot:

• His family portrait with his second wife Debbie Rowe:

• The dangling baby balcony disaster:

When he made his children wear masks in public:

And sadly, the day he died at his home:

When Michael Jackson died I wrote a flurry of posts on events and items surrounding his death. The posts I penned were less about his incredible legacy and innovative talent and more about the macabre side of the tragic event. I figured I’d leave the brilliant music magazines and blogs to write about his music. I’d write about his funeral, Neverland Ranch, his previously owned luxury items that sold at auction and the numerous and bizarre pieces of art inspired by MJ instead.

In honor of today’s five year anniversary since his passing, I’m re-posting the links to those past Michael Jackson posts which may now be easier to read and view since time has passed.

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