The MJ Memorial Photos You Really Want To See: The Coffin, The Brochure, The Kids, The Hearse & More

Michael Jackson Memorial and Funeral Photos

It’s over. The funeral and the memorial service for the King Of The Pop have occurred and the Jackson family is now having their own private luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Michael Jackson Memorial Photos

It was beautiful, moving, well coordinated and produced. Wonderful performances and eloquent speeches echoed the sentiments of most of the world. Somber but still warm and loving, it was a respectable and fitting tribute.

You’ll be able to see broadcasts and videos of Mariah, Trey, Usher, Smokey, Stevie, Lionel, John Mayer and the other performers and speakers, along with his daughter’s heartbreaking comments, played over and over again online, on youtube, on tv, etc.

But let’s face it, what you really want to see is that gold coffin, his kids, the memorial brochure and other little incidentals. And I’ve got those here for you, thanks to the AP and Getty images.

The Tickets:

The memorial service required tickets for entry

The Memorial Brochure Cover (front and back):

A somber Joe Jackson leaves his Encino home, heading for Forest Lawn Cemetery early this morning

The Motorcade consisted of black Cadillac Escalades, black Ford Explorers and black Rolls Royces:

The Hearse:

The motorcade leaving Forest Lawn cemetery on their way to the Staples Center:

The motorcade leaving Forest Lawn cemetery on their way to the Staples Center
and on the freeway

A good look at that gold-plated Casket (Coffin):

The $25,000, solid bronze, 14-karat gold-plated, custom casket.

above and below: The Promethean velvet-lined model by the Batesville Casket Company. Supposedly, Michael Jackson ordered it for himself, after seeing that James Brown was buried in the same years ago. It’s a $25,000, solid bronze, 14-karat gold-plated, custom casket.

The Promethean velvet-lined, solid bronze, 14-karat gold-plated model by the Batesville Casket Company was ordered by Michael himself.

The pallbearers each wore a single white glove:

His brothers each wore one white sequined glove. From left: Randy, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine
A tender moment as brother Jermaine tosses a rose onto Michael’s casket while singing “smile”.

The Children; Paris, Prince and Blanket:

Michael Jackson’s children: Paris Michael Katherine, Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) and Michael Joseph Jr. (aka Prince Michael)
Janet (L) and La Toya (R) with Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) and Paris Jackson
A heartbreaking and unexpected speech from Paris Jackson

How skinny Al Sharpton is now?? Nice eulogy, by the way:

Yes, it’s true, Corey Feldman donned his “Michael Jackson” costume:

Fan Art outside The Staples Center:

A Michael Jackson mural covered with fan’s signatures stands in front of the Staples Center
A Michael Jackson impersonator poses outside at the public memorial service at the Staples Center

Michael Jackson’s tomb at Glendale’s Forest Lawn Cemetery:

See a video of the memorial in its entirety here.

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