Will It Beard? One Man’s Experiment With Objects That Adhere To His Hairy Chin.

will it beard?

It’s well-known that food crumbs will stick in a man’s beard, but what about crayons? Cheetos? How about Toy Army Men? A tumblr site that began in early February of 2014 features one man with a wiry beard experimenting and photographing objects that will adhere to his hirsute chin.

Will It Beard?

Will It Beard? features nicely taken photographs by Stacy Thiot of Red Poppy Photos  as well as some videos of the man behind the site (who remains anonymous). The photos feature his own experiments as well as many requested ones from the site’s readers and followers. Here are 20 of the best.

His very first one:

See a bunch more, follow him on Instagram and watch some of the videos here