No Photoshoot Required: Vogue Italia’s 7 Illustrated Jan 2020 Covers

Vogue Italia, for the first time in its history, renounced the use of photos for the magazine’s January 2020 issue to make room for 7 drawings and illustrations to be used as the cover instead, putting creativity -and the incurred costs of photoshoot production – at the service of sustainability.

Vogue Italia illustrated Covers

The challenge was to demonstrate that it’s possible to communicate the fashions without photographing them. This is a first for Vogue Italia, who had never had an illustrated cover before. The editor explains more about the project here.

All the covers for the January issue were created by artists, ranging from well-known art icons and emerging talents to comic book legends – without the cost of travel, shipping entire wardrobes of clothes or polluting in any way.

Thanks to the generosity of these artists, the amount of money saved in January’s Vogue Italia production will be donated to the restoration of the Querini Stampalia Onlus Foundation in Venice, heavily damaged by the horrible storms last November, according to Emanuele Farneti, editor of Vogue Italy.

Below are the seven illustrated covers for the January Issue.


DAVID SALLE featuring Lili Sumner in GUCCI. Styling Tonne Goodman

ARTIST: David Salle MODEL: Lili Sumner EDITOR: Tonne Goodman Silk dress with carved details and contrasting collar in black leather GUCCI. Full credits: #LiliSumner @nextmodels Editor in chief @efarneti Creative director @ferdinandoverderi Casting directors @pg_dmcasting @samuel_ellis @ DM Fashion Studio



ARTIST: Vanessa Beecroft. GUCCI organza pleated dress.


CASSI NAMODA featuring Ambar Cristal Zarzuela in GUCCI

ARTIST: Cassi Namoda MODEL: Ambar Cristal Zarzuela Striped cotton sweater, houndstooth wool pants GUCCI


MILO MANARA featuring Olivia Vinten in GUCCI

ARTIST: Milo Manara MODEL: Olivia Vinten Chiffon top with lace inserts, leather shoulder straps with G motif buckle, leather choker, latex gloves and whip with GUCCI leather handle.

“I owe everything to women,” says Milo Manara, the father of erotic comics. The artist who collaborated with Hugo Pratt, Federico Fellini, and Alejandro Jodorowsky, this year, is celebrating fifty years of career. “For my cover I referenced the greatest of models, Michelangelo’s David, but in female form. I wanted to recreate the same pose, the quiet pride of the victor, which is the attitude that represents femininity in our times despite male resistance. David took on Goliath’s brute force with a slingshot. He won by using intelligence. Today, women have a great Goliath to defeat: male chauvinism, the patriarchy, and violence.” #MiloManara

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DELPHINE DESANE featuring Assa Baradji in GUCCI

ARTIST: Delphine Desane. MODEL: Assa Baradji. Oversized GUCCI organza jacket


PAOLO VENTURA featuring Felice Nova Noordhoff in GUCCI

ARTIST: Paolo Ventura. MODEL: Felice Nova Noordhoff. Sleeveless dress and top with GUCCI fringes


YOSHITAKA AMANO featuring Lindsey Wixson in GUCCI

ARTIST: Yoshitaka Amano. MODEL: Lindsey Wixson. GUCCI silk and leather choker dress

Full credits, courtesy of Vogue Italia’s Instagram:
#LindseyWixson @thesocietynyc
Editor in chief @efarneti
Creative director @ferdinandoverderi
Fashion @franragazzi @robertaninapinna
Casting directors @pg_dmcasting @samuel_ellis @ DM Fashion Studio