VapRwear: Hoodies And Jackets That Get You High.

Vaprwear Hoodies That Get you High

Upon noting recent changes in Colorado legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana, Caribbean model, actor and entrepreneur Elvis “Papi” Edwards saw an opportunity to combine wearable comfort and discreet smoking – and Voila!  His line of vapRwear was born.

VapRwear Hoodies and Jackets That Get you High

vapRwear makes the only high-quality active wear to integrate a discreet and functional e-cig vapesystem. Inconspicuously engineered within the hood lace is the patented dLo vaporizer to burn either e-juice, oil, or wax, with versions that will burn dry herb presently being developed.

The patented dlo3 hoodlace e-cig vapesystem is designed to integrate flawlessly with vapRwear discreet smokable apparel. The vaporizer has been engineered to accommodate your fav e-juice, oil blend, or wax (COMING SOON: dry herb model). Each dlo e-cig vapesystem is included with your purchase of vapRwear apparel and features a hoodlace tank, two battery sticks, and a USB charging port.

The company’s logo is a pelican that, like the creator who is in the pics below, sports a flaming red mohawk.

The pelican proudly adorns all vapRwear’s smokable attire, complete with custom grommets designed to fit the dlo e-cig vapesystem. A relatively new company they still don’t have all their ducks… er, pelicans, in a row. Styles of the jackets and hoodies are inconsistent and continue to change on their website and Facebook page. Same can be said for the mouthpiece colors of the actual apparatus.

At present they carry zippered jackets and pullover hoodies in white, black or grey (and pink for the ladies) made of 100% French Cotton Terry. Each available with various versions of their logo (which actually bothers me since that flies in the face of the fact that it’s supposed to be discreet).

As featured in High Times magazine, vapRwear ​apparel revolutionizes the art of blowing vapor smoke. The dlo3 patented e-cig vapesystem is the only one of its kind to conceal a vaporizer within your hoodie string.

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