Trump X Hillary: I Love To Hate You

Billy Butcher’s Trump X Hillary: I Love To Hate You is a series of digital art posters for Curioos that pit Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump against one another, only in the illustrated form of our favorite pop culture icons.

Trump X Hillary: I Love To Hate You

Trump X Hillary I Love To Hate You

Turning the contentious candidates into comic book, movie, tv and cartoon heroes and anti-heroes, the Trump X Hillary: I Love To Hate You digital art prints, which are available online through Curioos, are both amusing and aesthetically impressive.


Whether they are represented as Wayne and Garth or Darth and Leia, Brazil’s Billy Butcher (aka Butcher Billy) has done a superb job with the likenesses in his animated style.

Civil War:

Lick It Up:

No Joke:

No Wonderland:

Bikini Bottom:

The Con Wars:

Party Time Excellent:

All 8 images are printed on heavyweight Fine Art paper (310gsm, acid-free, 100% cotton and numbered, signed, and embossed. Various sizes are available.

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images courtesy of the artist