Artist Rohitash Rao’s Trash Is Most Definitely A Treasure.

Trashart by Rohitash Rao

If Ralph Steadman, Robert Crumb and Jean-Michel Basquiat ever combined their artistic talents, the result may look something like the whimsical, but edgy illustrative art by California artist Rohitash Rao, known as Ro to his friends.

trashART by Rohitash Rao

above: artist Rohitash Rao

Ro is loaded with talent. So much so it was hard to decide what of his I ought to feature on this blog. An art director, film director, animator, illustrator and all around great guy (I speak from personal experience) he has three illustrated children’s books to his credit (The fabulous Herbert’s Wormhole series ), multiple music videos ( “Speeding to My Death” Official Video by Still Pacific and A Great Big World – “Everyone Is Gay” are must-sees), advertisements for well known brands, his fine art and more. His fabulous ‘TRASHart‘ is what I’ve chosen to share with you today.

Combining multiple aspects of popular culture – such as the consumption of fast-food, excessive waste, movies, books and cartoon imagery along with graphic design and illustration, Rohitash’s work exemplifies the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Stomped upon paper cups, crushed cigarette packs, soiled fast food containers, flattened spray paint cans and other garbage serve as the canvases for Ro’s illustrated and painted figures, creatures, silhouettes and occasional commentary.

Since I have the pleasure of knowing Ro personally through both our Alma Mater, Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, and the world of advertising, he graciously offered to answer a few questions about these works for me:

Ro: Technically I’ve been painting on stuff I find in the streets since I was kid – mainly because they were free canvases. But I started up again about 6 months when I moved to Venice and discovered all this great trash in the alley behind my studio. The first thing I painted on were these abandoned lottery tickets I found by a dumpster. I painted faces of the people that I imagined angrily chucked them on the ground after obviously not winning. I showed the paintings to a few friends and the response was so positive I did more.

Now i collect trash wherever I go. I was recently in Germany and Malta and I grabbed a few things off the streets while I was there. I am also getting commissions, most recently from Brazil. People are starting to mail me trash from all over the world. I’d love to do series about the geography of trash and collaborate with a litter organization or even someone like Surfrider down the road.

Ro: Everything is a mix of gouache, acrylic and spray paint. It’s usually whatever material will work on the different textures. Some fast good cups are plastic coated so water based paints don’t adhere to it. It’s amazing how much I suddenly know what trash is conducive to what paint product!!!

Ro: I like gritty, surreal stuff. So I guess the main ones would be Basquiat, R. Crumb, David Shrigley and Francis Bacon.

Let’s hope that as long as people continue to make trash, Rohistash Rao continues to turn it into art.

Visit Rohitash Rao’s tumblr site to see more.

Buy any of the Herbert’s Wormhole Books illustrated by Rohitash Rao here

all images © and courtesy of the artist