Comparing Totally Transparent Canoes and Kayaks

transparent canoes and kayaks

It’s almost summer. And one of the most fun outdoor activities this time of year is canoeing and/or kayaking. Making the sport that much more enjoyable are the totally transparent vessels that allow you to see the water below and catch a glimpse of fish, dolphins and more aquatic wonders. There are several totally transparent canoes and kayaks on the market. What’s the difference? Which to buy and how much to spend?

Totally Transparent Canoes and Kayaks

You can almost categorize all of these as two different designs: There’s one with a black rim that features cushioned, removable seats and one with a clear rim and clear shell-shaped seats. All are made of Lexan, a durable polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. Most have an anodized aluminum frame and a 40 micron UV protection layer to prevent discoloration in the sun. Every single one of them can seat 1 or 2 and weighs from 42-48 lbs with a total weight capacity of 425 lbs.

Almost all of these canoes and canoe-kayak hybrids retail for around $1900-$2200 with varied shipping costs.

I’ve located those on sale and the best prices from the various sellers for you here.

The Molokini Transparent Kayak was the first to hit the market

The first to hit the market was the Molokini by Clear Blue Hawaii way back in 2005. But due to problems with filling orders and shipping, the company has earned a bad reputation and has over a dozen complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, so I cannot recommend purchasing their product directly from them.

The Molokini Transparent Kayak/ Canoe hybrid

They are also one of the priciest, offering their Molokini hard shell clear kayak for $2299 . The Molokini is also available for $2299 here. Even more costly, Ahalife offers the Molokini for a whopping $2,684.00, so most certainly don’t buy it there.

The Crystal Kayak Company’s clear canoe

Then there’s the transparent canoe kayak hybrids from Crystal Kayak, Driftsun, Klear Kanoo and See Through Canoe

Clear canoe by Klear Kanoo

The best price out there right now is The Transparent Canoe / Kayak on sale at Hammacher Schlemmer. This appears to be the same one as the one offered by Klear Kanoo further down in this post. Originally priced at $1,900, it’s now on sale for $999.95 here

The Transparent Canoe Kayak on sale now at Hammacher Schlemmer

The second most affordable is the Crystal Explorer from Crystal Kayak Company, priced at $1399 but ONLY if purchased through Touch of Modern while available. Update: Also now available for $1599 (+ free shipping)  here

The Crystal Explorer Kayak
Crystal Explorer Kayak details

Purchased directly from Crystal Kayak, the transparent kayak will run you $1548 here Or you can get it from Amazon for $1,599.00 & FREE Shipping here

The Driftsun Kayak

Coming in as the third most affordable is The Driftsun Clear Kayak (which is very similar in design to the Crystal Explorer, Molokini and the Miicosky) for two priced at $1599 here

The Miicosky Transparent Kayak

The Miicosky Transparent Canoe is manufactured by Guangdong Shunde Miico Technology Co.,Ltd. who specializes in micro-formed polycarbonate products. Sold by WEGO, it can be purchased for a wholesale price at DH Gate. But once you include tax and shipping to the US, it costs $1673.49

The Klear Kanoo

The Klear Kanoo (which appears to be the same as the one presently on sale at Hammacher Schlemmer) is now on sale for $1600  + tax and shipping when purchased directly from them here

The Klear Kanoo

And then there’s The See Through Canoe is available for $2100 (including shipping) here and $1900 for Florida Residents only.

A recent addition to the post: The ClearYup Transparent Kayaks for Two.
Like the others it has a fully transparent hull allowing the users to completely observe the underwater world below them for a truly unique viewing experience. Kayak includes 2 seats and 2 paddles. Seats are adjustable and removable, giving you the option to make this a one or two person kayak.

ClearYup Transparent Kayak for Two

ClearYup 11 Feet Kayak Transparent Crystal Clear 2-Person Wave Kayak Set With Paddle Plastic Polycarbonate Canoe. This ocean kayak is made from 100% virgin Bayer 6mm solid polycarbonate sheet with UV resistant functional layer and features marine grade corrosion-resistant hardware. 3 years warranty would be provided. Price: $2,186.00+ $65.12 shipping. Buy it here.

ClearYup Electric Crystal Clear Kayak for Two

Lastly, the most expensive is the ClearYup Electric Crystal Clear Kayak for Two. The electric two-person remote control kayak set has a short-Shaft 55lbs Electric Trolling Motor, 12V, 34 Amp Max Draw with remote control. Two paddles are equipped for extra power.

The price? $2,586.00+ $73.94 shipping. Buy it here

And there you have it. Happy Paddling!

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