Tom Claassen’s Rabbit Sculptures

Tom Claassen's Rabbit Sculptures

With Easter just around the corner, Dutch artist Tom Claassen’s Rabbit Sculptures are the perfect subject to share with you.

Tom Claassen’s Rabbit Sculptures

above: Two Rabbits, bronze

above: Two Rabbits, bronze painted white (notice the real rabbit looking at the sculptures)

Cast in concrete, bronze, painted bronze or polyester, Tom Claassen’s oversized rabbit sculptures invite interaction with their cute cartoon looks and friendly rounded shapes.

Adults and children alike are compelled to caress, climb and hug the rabbits that have been featured in sculpture gardens and at art fairs around the world.

above photo by MBK (Marjie) on flickr

Tom’s bronze rabbit near the Kunsthal stays shiny, thanks to children climbing all over them. (photo courtesy of Rotterdam daily photo):

Fashion designer Antoine Peters posted the photo below on the artist’s Facebook page saying “Couldn’t help myself hugging one of Tom Claassens bunnies.”
Two bronze rabbits, Dijkzigt, Rotterdam, Netherlands:above photo by Hans R. Van der Woude

2014, Black rabbit, Stedelijk Museum Kampen:
above photo by Steven van Welie

Polyester Rabbits at the Kunsthal Kade Gallery, 2010:
Rabbit, 2004, Polyester, Collection ABN-AMRO:Rabbits in production:

You can see the 3D production of these giant rabbits in Tom’s studio here

This miniature gold glazed version of a Tom Claassen rabbit was sold in the KAdEShop as a memento from his exhibit at Kunsthal Kade
above photo courtesy of Marco Vossen

Here’s a stylized version of his Rabbit by Claassen that varies from the others (Images courtesy of
About the artist (courtesy of Citygarden):
Tom Claassen was born in Heerlen, in the Netherlands in 1964. In the mid-80s, he attended the St. Joost attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Breda, the Netherlands. He has been active in the Netherlands and abroad for more than twenty years.

Claassen has employed an astounding variety of materials for his sculptures, including marble, sand, silicone rubber, cast iron, concrete, aluminum, bronze, plaster, polyester, polystyrene, polyurethane, and wooden logs with the bark still on. Some of these he turns these into abstract forms, while others take on blocky human shapes, and still others mimic common objects, such as playing cards, a camping tent, a curtain, and full burlap sacks.

His work can be seen at NewArtCentre in Wiltshire, England, and in the collection of the Krsller-Muller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands. His work has also been exhibited in shows in Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France, as well as the in 4th Biennial of Istanbul, Turkey, and the 23rd Biennial of Sáo Paolo in Brazil.

In 1994 he was Awarded the Charlotte Kohler Prijs. Today, he lives and works in Amsterdam en Breda.

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Tom Claassen

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