Radio Flyer Launches The Tesla S RideOn Model For Kids

Radio Flyer Tesla S Model for kids

Elon Musk and his electric car company, Tesla Motors, have teamed up with the classic red wagon builder, Radio Flyer, to create The Tesla S Model For Kids – a scaled-down replica ride-on toy of the bestselling Tesla Model S sedan.

The Tesla S Model For Kids

The fully featured, fully customizable ride-on toy comes equipped with high-end features such as working headlights and sound system to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience.

You can choose from four different authentic Tesla S paint colors, standard or premium lithium ion battery, personalized vanity license plate, a custom parking sign and even a miniature car cover.

The Tesla S Model for Kids has a spacious interior and trunk room for storage

The miniature Tesla charges just like the full size one.

Powered by a FlightSpeed™ Lithium Ion battery – technology that was created by Radio Flyer in collaboration with Tesla – ensures the highest levels of fun and performance because it charges faster and holds a charge longer.

A Standard Battery is included (30 Wh) or for an additional $50, a premium battery with 50% more playtime per charge (190 Wh) is available. Spare batteries are available and a good idea so that while one is being used, the other can be charging.

• 1 for beginners – goes up to 3 mph
• 2 for more advanced – goes up to 6 mph


Choose from authentic Tesla paint finishes in Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic,  Red Metallic and Solid White.

Choose from painted silver wheels or matte black finish wheels

• Car Cover – For those who wish to take after the most obsessive Tesla Owners, there’s an indoor car cover designed to perfectly fit the mini Model S for Kids for an additional $50.

• Custom License Plate

• Custom Parking Sign

Available here with prices starting at $599 USD

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