Outrageous. Enormous. And Comes Art-Filled + $30MM of Collectible Cars. [70+ Photos]

billionaire home by bruce makowsky

Although the largest and most expensive home in the U.S. ($500,000,000) has yet to be constructed, currently the most expensive existing home in America has been and it’s for sale with an asking price of $250,000,000. The 38,000 square foot (3,530 sq m) home is outrageous and INCLUDES over $30 million worth of collectible automobiles, tons of contemporary art, a defunct Air Wolf Bell 22A helicopter used in the tv series Airwolf and a 7-person full time staff.

The Bruce Makowsky Billionaire Estate and Its Art

UPDATE: After two years on the market and multiple price drops, this house finally sold for $94 Million USD (without the art and the $30 million of luxury vehicles) in November, 2019

The Bruce Makowsky Billionaire Estate and Its Art

I know there’s already been a lot of press on the “The Most Expensive House in America” which went on the market January 18th of this year. So why did it take me so long to write a post? Because I diligently researched the art and features in the house so I could give you details and photos you won’t find anywhere else. Read on.

billionaire home la

The estate took 300 workers four years to build. Luxury property developer, handbag designer and artist Bruce Makowsky has christened the home “Billionaire” – an obnoxious, albeit appropriate, name for the sprawling, newly constructed home in the exclusive Bel Air Enclave of Los Angeles.

largest home in Belair

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most expensive homes in los angeles

The home at night:

Front Entrance at night:luxury home design

Three of the bedrooms:
master bedroom suite

interior design

The Elevators:
The four story home is accessed by two elevators lined in alligator skin. They are flanked two custom Rock Royalty guitars and a Veuve Clicquot Champagne Pinball Machine sites between them:custom Rock Royalty guitars

Penthouse Office with panoramic views:

Dining room with alabaster illuminated table and a wall-inset fireplace:

The Roberto Cavalli Palazzi Pitti dinnerware place settings come with the home:

Another dining area with a view of Los Angeles:

A more intimate seating area, loaded with Hermés furniture:

The lounge area and bar:

In the lounge are coffee tables made from Starphire ultraclear glass and aircraft engines

In addition to the 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and 17,000 square feet (1,579 sq m) of outdoor decking and entertainment areas, the home also has the following extraordinary features.


The $2 million dollar curving staircase has transparent glass balustrades, stone steps and a stainless steel handrail and underside:

A 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos James Bond-themed Theater with reclining seats, complete with and Hermès pillows and throws and 7,000 movies already loaded:

Four lane bowling alley:

The bowling alley is fully stocked with shoes of different sizes, and balls of different weights.

A panoramic view of the activity lounge with products we have previously featured by Adriano Design such as the foosball tables and the crystal billiard table and ping pong table:

Auto gallery with cars and motorcycles worth more than $30,000,000:

A massive candy wall (said to cost $200,000). The foosball tables are by Adriano Design of Italy who designed the Cristillano Gold LE.

Over 100 curated art installations.
Much of it impressively done by Bruce Makowsky himself.

Elie Carver by Bruce Makowsky
Elie Carver by Bruce Makowsky, 2015, mixed media, 16.5″H x 29″W x 8″D
Luxury Traveler by Bruce Makowsky
Luxury Traveler by Bruce Makowsky;, 2015, Hand carved honey onyx,  39″H x 34″W x 23″D
A Veuve Clicqot Champagne Pinball Machine
A Veuve Clicqot Champagne Pinball Machine (which I believe was done by Bruce Makowsky)
Champagne Wishes by Bruce Makowsky, 2015,  brushed steel with mixed media, 62″H x 42″W x 15″D
Addicted to Luxury by Bruce Makowsky, 2015, machined and hand tooled aluminum, 86.8″H x 77″W 15″D
Rollingstone and Iconic, hand-carved honey onyx sculptures by Bruce Makowsky
Saw of Ecstacy (edition 2) by Bruce Makowsky, 2015, machined and hand tooled aluminum, 19″H x 42″W x 10.5″D

Pieces by other artists in the estate

Oversized camera sculpture by Chinese artist Liao Yibai from his FAKE Leica series
This is one of a series of works by Gale Hart throughout the home
gale hart sculptures
This is another piece from the series by Gale Hart
Celebrity photo collection, photographer unknown
The Seven Dwarfs installation
The Seven Dwarfs installation by Dominic Harris, featured in a set of high-res video panels, is licensed by the Walt Disney Company
custom guitars
Two Custom Rock Royalty KAGED Black Stingray Wrapped Fender ’52 Telecaster Guitars are included
An art installation of Lamborghini wall clocks and copper and brass gasoline jugs in the auto gallery
Framed Equateur Cashmere Blanket, Hermes hand embroidered blanket with pearls. 100% cashmere. Measures 60″ x 79″
Close-up of the Hermès equateur cashmere blanket
Gold and Silver Bowling Pin installation, Louis Vuitton end table sculptures and LV monogram and guitarist painting (artist unknown)
A non-functioning Air Wolf Bell 22A helicopter, with a luxuriously refurbished interior, that was used in the TV series Airwolf

A State-of-the-art Fitness center:

3 gourmet kitchens loaded with high-end appliances (here’s one of them):
gourmet kitchen

The Lounge bar and swim-up Pool Bar are but 2 of the 5 bars in the mansion:

A massage studio, salon and wellness spa:

Two fully-stocked cellars – one loaded with Armand de Brignac champagne:
full stocked champagne cellar

and another with wine and champagne – we spot the Jeff Koons Dom Perignon edition, Veuve Clicquot, Mumm’s and some Coppola wines in the image below.

wine cellar

An 85-foot glass tile infinity swimming pool with a swim-up bar at the east end, a spa tub in the middle, and a tanning shelf on the west end:
tanning shelf

An outdoor hydraulic 18′ x 10′ pop-up theater:
luxury living

pool at night

And other unique water features that run throughout the estate:
water features

spillover pool

And, of course, the estate is equipped with most advanced home tech system in the world.

bamluxury high tech
The home’s room of servers and tech components photo @bamluxury
The ‘engine’ of the home, photo @bamluxury

There’s an astonishing array of luxury branded amenities and custom items from around the world. The four levels all experience an indoor/outdoor nirvana enhanced by 270-degree unobstructed views spanning from the mountains all the way to the ocean and the incredible Los Angeles skyline in-between.

The seven-person staff (including a chef, chauffeur and masseuse) is included for two years.

Below is developer Bruce Makowsky’s own description:

Welcome to an invitation to adventure “Billionaire” – a mind-blowing voyage of all your senses, simply the best new and innovative contemporary estate in the world!!!

After spending lots of time on mega yachts and large private jets that can sell from $50 million to $500 million, it baffled me that no one was developing luxury real estate at those high levels for the super wealthy. I set up my real estate development company in Beverly Hills, California, to cater to the super affluent that demand the very best in life!!!

Bruce Makowsky with a Bugatti, Rolls and Air Wolf Helicopter which come with the house, photo @bamluxury

My mission started five years ago to create the most extraordinary, exciting and dramatic contemporary estate ever built in the most beautiful place in the United States. I searched by land and helicopter to find a setting worthy of creating this masterpiece. I found it by air in the hills of Bel Air, within the platinum triangle of Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air. This enclave is home to the most affluent people in the world, from Captains of industry to the Hollywood elite. The weather is unparalleled year-round, nothing but bright sunshine and stars; the lush private oasis nestled in the mountainside are talked about in nearly every corner of the earth. Built upon the single most spectacular view in California, this property has an unrivaled 270˚ view that extends from the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains to the sun-drenched shores of Malibu. Visitors can experience the heart of Los Angeles in one expansive panorama, a singular achievement for California real estate.

After purchasing this amazing property, the real excitement began. With my over thirty years of design experience, I wanted this to be the crown jewel of my career. My team of highly-skilled and passionate visionaries have created and sold eight amazing luxury homes in the past five years, shattering every expectation and redefining every record on the books. The goal with “Billionaire” was simple; every inch of the property in the home had to be innovative, flawless, and meticulously curated. The budget was there is no budget. To keep in line with my mission, I traveled the globe and secured the richest materials the world had to offer, taking it upon myself to personally organize each and every detail. The home technology throughout – the combination of sight, sound and security – is nothing short of cutting-edge and totally flawless. It had to be a home that would leave you in utter amazement! The house succeeds in transcending the bounds of the typical home, and dually functioning as a multi-sensory, all-powerful experience for all who enter it.

“Billionaire” comes completely furnished like no other estate in the world. There are over a hundred incredible art installations that will leave you speechless! I could go on for days talking about this property and although I’ve provided pictures, the real experience is to visit this gorgeous home. If you truly like and demand the finest things in life, this is a must see! – Bruce Makowsky

924 Bel Air RD Los Angeles, CA, United States
MLS# 17194702

photos of 924 Bel Air Road by Berlyn Photography, Courtesy of  Bruce Makowsky/BAM Luxury Development, BAMluxury on Instagram, Nathanael Turner for The New York Times, and other images are screen grabs we took from the video.

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