From The Slutty to The Sublime. The Blonds Psycho Beach Party.

The Blonds Psycho Beach Party

The Blonds Psycho Beach Party, their 2013 Spring Collection, trotted down the runway to cheesy disco music with models clad in big blond wigs. Bathing suits, bustiers, corsets, skirts, lingerie, tanks, leggings and the occasional jacket made up the design duo’s newest collection.

The Blonds Psycho Beach Party

As expected, there were a lot of sparkly bustiers, coupled with a high 60’s kitsch factor. To fit the theme, some of the clothes were embellished with or designed as seashells and shark fins:

Non-beach related imagery like psychedelic florals and neon streamers punctuated the male and female ensembles:

A Lipstick Tube theme, as both textiles and jewelry, was prevalent throughout:

Sequins, pearls, glitter and faux gems are par for the course when it comes to the form-fitting fashions from The Blonds and this collection was no exception.

David Blond (who looked uncannily like actress Nicolette Sheridan) appeared mid show to the JAWS theme, sporting a toothy bejeweled open-jawed shark mouth on his midsection.

After the finale, Phillipe and David appeared, this time with David wearing the image of the limited edition Barbie designed by the two of them for Mattel.

The Blonds:

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