Space, Sexy Babes and Explosions… The Art of Dave Seeley. Need I Say More?

the art of dave seeley

Space, sexy babes, explosions, war scenes and fast cars. What else could one want from a book? Illustrator Dave Seeley’s 165 page newly published large hardcover book has these – and more- in spades.

The Art of Dave Seeley

One of the most exhilarating illustrators currently working in the science fiction/fantasy genre, Boston born Dave Seeley earned a dual degree in architecture and fine art at Rice University in Houston. An avid comics and fantasy art collector. After a dozen years of practicing architecture, he succumbed to the seduction of what he terms “image making” and gave up a salaried full time day job as an award-winning architect to have more fun and feed his creative spirit. And boy are we glad he did.

This September, Insight Editions releases The Art of Dave Seeley, featuring 135 full-page color reproductions of Dave’s most memorable works for books, video games, and film, including 20 Star Wars illustrations, as well as images for Aliens vs Predator, Battlestar Galactica, Halo, Deathlands, The Fast and the Furious, and 15 new images created exclusively for this volume.

Seeley absorbs a huge amount of visual material when seeking inspiration for his pieces. He then creates his final illustrations using a broad range of artistic methods, merging together elaborate digital backgrounds, images of live models and hand-built props, and exquisite pencil drawings and paintings.

Visually stunning, comprehensive, and utterly compelling, the 1.5 pound book measures 13 x 9.5 x 0.8 inches and will transport you into the creative world of a master of genre illustration.

Other images from the book:

More about The Art of Dave Seeley

The Art of Dave Seeley (Insight Editions / $50.00 / September 2015) brings together the very best of his work, encompassing the worlds of literature, movies, video games, and beyond. Renowned for his hugely evocative Star Wars book covers, including the iconic Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor (Star Wars) (Star Wars – Legends) wraparound jacket, Seeley has also created art for such properties as Halo, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens vs. Predator, The Fast and the Furious, and the popular Deathlands novels. This deluxe volume showcases Seeley’s diverse body of work with over 200 images from throughout his career, while also offering fascinating insights into his process and creative drive. Visually stunning, comprehensive, and utterly compelling, The Art of Dave Seeley is a unique journey into the creative world of a master of genre illustration.

Retails for $50, but on Amazon it’s $37.50
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About the Author:

Dave Seeley is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy artist living in Boston. He trained in architecture and fine art, but after ten years as a distinguished architect, he was seduced by the glamour of illustration and derailed his career for the far more immediate gratification of image making. A sense of materials fetishism and a love of spatial atmospherics are evidence that the inner architect is alive and flourishing. See, commission, and read about his work at

About Insight Editions:

Insight Editions is a publisher focused on creating superlative illustrated books on photography, music, and popular culture. Lavishly produced and visually stimulating, every volume from Insight is dedicated to the skillful interplay of word and image. The books produced are unique works that combine the highest quality print production values with time-honored traditions of publishing and rich subject matter. Elegant and informative, books from Insight showcase the best of art and photography in exquisite presentations of the bookmaker’s craft. For more information, visit

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