Textile Artist and Costume Designer Collaborate on The Anatomy Chair

The Anatomy Chair

The Anatomy Chair is a recent collaboration between textile artist Pauline Kriel and costume designer Anouk Cazin.

Taking a Traditional Round Back French Dining or Occasional Chair, the two transformed it into a representation of the human body by adding fabric-stuffed organs and embroidery.

Chaise Anatomie /Anatomy Chair:

Chair details:

Making the chair:
The muslin stuffed rib cage, lungs, heart, intestines and red fish before applying to chair:

Detail of the heart and lungs:

Backside of the stitched nerves to appear on the back of the chair:

Using a nail gun to apply fabric to chair frame:

Stitching the back of the chair:

Detail of the finished chair back:

The Chair was first exhibited in March 2015 as part of the Métiers d’Art in the Galerie de Victor Rares at 20 place de l’Arsenal in Nancy. The annual show focuses on collaborations between designers, artists and craftsmen.

majority of the photos by François Golfier

Pauline Krier on Facebook
Anouk Cazin Costumiere

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