Surfboard Christmas Trees For The Royal Poinciana Plaza

surfboard christmas trees

For the past 3 years Palm Beach’s The Royal at Poinciana Plaza has commissioned artists to make their own version of the hotel’s Surfboard Christmas Tree first introduced in 2017 by the hotel itself.

Surfboard Christmas Trees

The Royal, 2017: The initial installation, created by the hotel itself, was 20 feet tall, weighed more than 4,000 pounds and was built to withstand up to 110 mile-per-hour winds. The tree’s retro-pastel color scheme was inspired by the plaza’s mid-20th century roots.

Donald Robertson, 2018:
The following year, the hotel commissioned artist Donald Robertson to add his personal touch to the surfboard tree. Now the tree has grown to 30-feet and is made out of 52 surfboards. Robertson says his colorful tree with Lip embellished surfboards was inspired by family friend designer Lisa Perry.

Artist Donald Robertson in front of his Surfboard Tree

Gray Malin 2019:
In 2019, The hotel commissioned art photographer Gray Malin to design the surfboard tree. The artist used his aerial photographic beach images to give the tree a Coastal look and feel.

Photographer Gray Malin in front of his Surfboard Tree

Ashley Longshore, 2020:
Pop Artist Ashley Longshore was this year’s designer of the 30 foot tall, 52 custom surfboard tree. Embellished with her colorful graphics of gemstones, the tree is topped off with a 3D diamond in lieu of a star.

We hope they keep this tradition going. We’re looking forward to Next Year’s!

images courtesy of The Royal Poinciana Plaza, Donald Robertson and Gray Malin

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