S.A.D. – The Sun Allergy Diaries by Artist SiiGii

sun allergy diaries by Siigii

Artist SiiGii calls her work “body extensions.” Creating conceptual garments allows her to flex her creative muscles in fashion, writing, design and performance art – all at once. The artist immerses herself into her work as inspiration, subject and model. Her Sun Allergy Diaries (S.A.D.) is a humorous poke at dealing with her own real sun allergy developed at the young age of 11.

Sun Allergy Diaries by SiiGii

In her Sun Allergy Diaries, a series of three photo essays, the Spanish artist is shown wearing her own imaginative outfits designed to protect herself from nature due to her sensitivity to the sun. The visual diary is a peek into three days of her life outdoors. The acronymn for this series – S.A.D. – is in direct opposition to the joy being conveyed through her creative journey from feeling out of place and artificial in a world that worships the sun to embracing it and becoming a part of it.

SiiGii’s words are poetic and an important part of her creative process, so I am sharing with you her own text as written, used to describe each of her three days in the sun.


“FUNBATHING AS A NEW ME” was designed to transmit that my sun allergy makes me feel artificial, and to share this artificiality with others through performance.

I found that my artificial character had more freedom in nature than the “natural” me. I felt new and naive like it was my first day on earth. This sensation was magnified by people at the beach gathering and staring. They didn’t know the details, but they knew I was dealing with reality in a different way, in a way that worked for me.

Many observed my experience and some even became part of it by playing with me or letting me ride in their boat.

By accepting and embodying my old feeling of artificiality I was able to transform it into joy, freedom and belonging in the space.

Concept, Direction, Design, Construction, Performed by SiiGii (@is_siigii)
Photography Marc Espinosa (@thenyuman)

I grew up on the beach.
At age 11, I developed an allergy to the sun which awakened a feeling of artificiality in me.
Suddenly I had to start protecting myself from nature… from something considered beautiful, nourishing and relaxing.
Ever since I have been developing systems of protection so my story could have a happy ending.
This journey inspired this collection.
– SiiGii


“FLOATING ABOVE LIMITS” shows that when we cooperate with our conditions, instead of rejecting them, we can enter uncharted territories.

Simply put, I could never lay on a pool float and relax in the sun. I had to become the float. The power in becoming something new so that I could have the experience is the meaning. Adaptation sent me from feeling inferior to feeling extraordinary.

Concept, Direction, Design, Construction, Performed by SiiGii (@is_siigii)
Photography Marc Espinosa (@thenyuman)


“DELIMITED FREEDOM” captures the duality of the word by exploring its inevitable attachment to limits.
All places and situations give you only a certain amount of freedom. In many cases, the delimiting lines are very bold and give you a clear vision of your situation.

This piece I created draws very clear and visual limits of my freedom from the sun, but in other areas, like nudity, the lines are more blurry………….
as I had freedom from the sun but not from censorship.

Concept, Direction, Design, Construction, Performed by SiiGii (@is_siigii)
Photography Marc Espinosa (@thenyuman)

Artist Statement:

artist SiiGii; self portrait

“As soon as I have a concept in mind, my imagination takes off in many directions. So far my main medium has been garments, or as I call them, body extensions. This name liberates my art from conforming categories, but still refers to something somehow wearable, carried or performed by the body.

I enjoy creating my art from start to finish. I believe one pair of hands should carry the work from visualization to construction to fully show the spirit of the artist.

My background in performative arts and fashion design melted together creating what I am today. I have a deep inside out understanding of the body and the atmosphere it can create using medium, intention and projection.

I was welcomed to the world in Spain, and life brought me to NYC. But I enjoy feeling I am from everywhere and I am everyone. I am a lover of unity.”

all images courtesy of the artist.

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