Animated Characters From Studio Ghibli In The Real World.

Animated Characters From Studio Ghibli In The Real World

Vimeo user Kojer from Seoul, South Korea has put the animated characters from Japan’s Studio Ghibli in the real world. Read on further to see how he accomplished this impressive feat and enjoy the results.

Studio Ghibli In The Real World

To create the final piece, KOJER employed rotoscoping (outlining characters from the film’s individual frames), Touch paint (an open source software), replaced the skies, created the natural sunlight and appropriate shadows and reflections. Color correction and graphic effects were also used.

You don’t have to be familiar with the characters from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro to appreciate the work.

Studio Ghibli In The Real World:

How it was done (English subtitles):

More Screenshots:

The animation work of Japan’s Studio Ghibli (who has removed this video from youtube rather than commend KOJER’s homage-like efforts) was combined with the actual backgrounds from the studio’s animated films listed below.

■ BGM : (xclassicalcatx – Spiríted Away: One Summer’s Day (Viola Cover)
■ Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind :
■ Laputa: Castle In The Sky :
■ My Neighbor Totoro :
■ Kiki’s Delivery Service :
■ Whisper Of The Heart :
■ The Princess Mononoke :
■ The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro :
■ Howl’s Moving Castle :
■ Ponyo On The Cliff :
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KOJER on Vimeo

Studio Ghibli

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