Street Artist David Zinn Charms With Chalk.

street art of david zinn

Peppering the sidewalks in Ann Arbor and elsewhere in Michigan are some adorable creatures drawn in chalk that appear to be interacting with lamps, pipes, gutters, grates, planters and more.

Street Artist David Zinn

A self-taught artist with a degree in Creative Writing and English Language, David Zinn’s chalk work began in 2001 as an excuse to linger outdoors. His temporary street art is composed entirely of chalk, charcoal and found objects, and can be found predominantly in Michigan.

Though David has professional clients, his street art is always improvised on location. The cute creatures take on a 3D life of their own and make repeated appearances. Little woodland creatures, friendly reptiles, flying pigs, gnomes and particularly Sluggo, a friendly, green, alien-like creature from his own imagination, are part of his stable of characters.

Like many other sidewalk street artist he can deftly create a three dimensional hole in the ground, but my favorite works of his are those that interact with utilitarian street objects and the rocks, plants, and cracked cement that can be found in most any neighborhood.

Please note several of the above images were cropped for this post

He published his first book of chalk art, Temporary Preserves, by crowdfunding.  The 8.5″ x 11″ bound collection of full-color images with 133 photographs of his otherwise fleeting street art creatures was then followed by his second book, Underfoot Menagerie, in 2018.

David Zinn:

The illustrator and graphic designer has taught creative writing and scenic painting, performed in and directed several Gilbert & Sullivan operas, recorded audiobooks, and hosted two children’s radio shows (The Rug Rat Revue on WCBN-FM and The Mud Pie Cafe on Michigan Radio.

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