Special Edition Outerwear by Pharrel Williams and Keita Sugiura For Moncler

Pharrel Williams and Keita Sugiura For Moncler

As part of their new Fall Winter 2010 collection, the Italian high end outerwear company Moncler has teamed up with Pharrell Williams for a special winter collection of jackets and vests made of Bionic Yarn that features the photography of Keita Sugiura.

Pharrel Williams and Keita Sugiura For Moncler

The key garment is the pacifist version of the bullet-proof vest, conceived for a purpose that is its very antithesis. It is an original warning underscored by the very concept of the collection itself, which is inspired by ecological materials and icons. The garments are all made in black with leather details and gold waterproof zips.

All are made with futuristic fabrics from Bionic Yarn, an American company owned by Pharrell Williams, which makes its materials from plastic bottles.

above: two photographs from Keita Sugiura’s ‘Dark Forest’ series

The series of photos entitled “Dark Forest” by Japanese artist Keita Sugiura provides the pattern for the lining and exterior of some of the vests and jackets.

above left: Keita Sugiura, above right: Pharrell Williams

The line will be available at selected shops and are part of the upcoming Fall/Winter releases for Moncler.

information courtesy of Moncler, garment images courtesy of Pharrell Williams, art images courtesy of Max Protech

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