The SPACE by IO House is a Sustainable and Self-Contained Smart Home

The SPACE by IO House hero IIHIH

Stockholm-based IO House’s The SPACE is a futuristic example of innovative, sustainable, off-the-grid living. The prefabricated self-contained, completely autonomous living space is fully equipped, inside and out, to offer all the convenient smart home tech and comfortable living environment in a small ecological footprint.

The SPACE by IO House

The SPACE by IO House, designed by architects Jaan Tiidemann & Tomomi Hayashi, is specially designed for easy moving and adaptability with the most advanced conveniences of modern life in a small ecological footprint. The approximately 645 sqft home is powered by solar panels and a generator, with built in heating, cooling, water, sewage, and ventilation.

io house space overhead and floor plan

Constructed from premium materials, its exterior is clad in sustainable Trespa panels in Graphite Grey and Satin. Trespa® panels contain 70% natural fibres and require less grey energy at the production stage than most competing products. The quality of the build and the nature-friendly design create a comfortable and environmentally sensitive living space.

When closed up, it looks like a space age bunker.
The front deck opens to reveal sliding glass doors

Ahead of its time, IO House’s vision represents the future of sustainable living and harmonious comfort and sets a new living standard for forward-thinking people.

IO House the Space frontal open IIHIH
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The SPACE comes fully equipped with furniture, appliances, and the necessary gadgets to control them.

This includes a built-in kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling systems, as well as a smart air ventilation with oxygen level control.

io house SPACE interior

io house SPACE living room

io house SPACE interior bedroom

The kitchen appliances include Dishwasher, Gas cooker, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Coffee machine/ hot water & steamer Water purifier.

The small home has a closet and storage space as well as a full bath in stainless steel with its own water system.

sustainable prefab

io house the space

Other home features include Weather station, TV system, Stereo systems, Wifi ready, Security system, Digital network security, Security camera, Smoke detector, Water monitor, Automatic GPS positioning, Internet-based app control of the IO Smart House Technical room

Incredibly, all this can be managed at your fingertips through your smartphone. All aspects of the smart home technology have been carefully thought through and the SPACE provides all necessities required for a comfortable, stress free living.

Specs and Interior Room Plans
Residential Area – 60 m2 (approximately 645 square feet)
Width – 5m; Length – 12 m; Weight – 30 tons

Residential Systems
Electricity – solar panels plus generator
Electrical system – 220v
Heating – air heat pump
Climate/cooling – yes
Water system – yes (built in, volume – 2000 l)
Sewer system – yes (built in, capacity 3000 l)
Ventilation system – yes, inlet and outlet.

It’s offered in three levels of comfort and convenience.
• THE SPACE – STANDARD priced from 185,000 € ($19,7062.00 USD)
• THE SPACE – PREMIUM priced from from 250,000 € ($266300.00 USD)
• THE SPACE – LUX priced from 290,000 € ($308908.00)

Like other prefabs, the biggest convenience of the fully-furnished home os that it can be loaded onto a truck, taken to your desired location and installed in as little as 90 minutes.
The Space allows people to keep the conveniences without it greatly affecting their conscience over sustainability. The images in this post are of IOHouse’s showcase home in Estonia.

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all images courtesy of IO House.