Beer Drinking Turns Classy With Sempli Monti Glassware

Sempli Beer Glasses

Now that craft beers are all the rage, they deserve an equally considered glass from which to drink them. These four glasses will turn any beer – be it a special seasonal offering or piss-water in a can – into a respectable looking beverage.

Sempli’s new beer glasses are a modern departure from the typical mug and pilsner glasses. Designer Daniele Semeraro has created four new stylish lead-free crystal glasses specifically designed for IPA, Pilsner, Pints and 12-ounce bottles.

Sempli Beer Glasses

The Monti Collection is the first from Sempli with a flat bottom. It was created to enhance the effervescence of carbonated beverages as it’s not to be stirred or swirled.

Each of the four glasses in the Monti Collection holds 12 oz. of your favorite beer.





SEMPLI TASTE COLLECTION (A full set of all four designs):

Now, there is one drawback for the lazy beer drinker. The glasses must be hand washed because they are crystal. Each style is sold in a set of two for $55 each (or a set of one of each for $100).

You can purchase them directly from Sempli here or Sempli Glassware on Amazon

About The Designer, Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro

Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro was born and raised in Sweden and moved to Florence, Italy in 2000. Here he completed his degree in Interior and Industrial Design at Accademia Italiana.

Over the years he has honed his skills working for a wide range of design firms: From automotive companies in Sweden to interior and lighting design companies in California. His focus has always been on product design and after leading as Design Manager for a top lighting manufacturer, he started Sempli.

With Sempli, Semeraro can fully showcase his true design heritage.

About Sempli

As a contemporary product design company, Sempli’s design idea connects the best of two countries – Sweden’s simple functionality with Italy’s style and elegance.

While living in Florence, Italy, Semeraro discovered the essential role the wine glass played in the drinking experience. He then conceived the idea for the stemless Cupa-glass series, spawning the growing collection of Sempli products.

Staying true to the craft, the glasses are hand produced by the most skilled glass blowers. The swirling rotation of the glass is both entertaining and practical. Enjoy your brandy in this glass and smell the aromas as they dissolve into their surroundings. Let your wine aerate perfectly. The Cupa-glass series is produced from the purest lead-free crystal, making it a 100% safe and sustainable experience.