Sebastian Errazuriz Magistral Chest Is One Sharp Looking Cabinet.

sebastian errazuriz magistral chest

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz’ Magistral Chest takes the quills from his 2010 Porcupine Cabinet to the extreme with this imposing maple, bamboo and plywood piece of furniture.

Sebastian Errazuriz Magistral Chest

With an exterior layer of thousands of hand-placed sharpened wood dowels, this cabinet / chest / dresser has doors that slide open to reveal seven drawers and tons of functional compartments.

The obsessive and labor-intensive process required a team of 12 woodworkers, who spent a total of six weeks individually hammering each skewer into the previously carved wooden structure.

The sculptural cabinet continues the artist’s investigation into the boundaries between functionality and symbolism, walking the fine line between art and design.

Hardwood Maple, Bamboo, Plywood and Metal hardware
Height: 24″ x Width: 23.5″ X Length (open):62″ or L(closed):40″ (61 x 60 x 157,5 or 101,5cm)

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