Scott Campbell Breaks Out Of His Shell With Graphite Illustrated Ostrich Egg Interiors.

Scott Campbell's Illustrated Ostrich Eggs

It’s no secret I’ve been a fan of Scott Campbell’s work for awhile now, having written about him numerous times. The Brooklyn-based tattoo artist has quickly became a celeb favorite and force in the art world. He’s inked Marc Jacobs (both Marc and Scott have his “Bros before Hos” tatts), created leather bags for Louis Vuitton (and drew faux tatts on the runway models with a Sharpie marker), cut up currency, burnt tortillas and is now drawing inside broken Ostrich eggs with graphite.

Scott Campbell’s Illustrated Ostrich Eggs

Scott Campbell's Illustrated Ostrich Eggs.
It’s a skull. It’s a woman. It’s both. And beautifully rendered on the interior of an Ostrich Egg shell by Scott Campbell.

Scott Campbell’s Illustrated Ostrich Eggs. With tattoo-like imagery delicately rendered on the interior of the shells with graphite, the eggs illustrate the juxtaposition between birth (the eggs) and death (the morbid skeletal imagery inside them).

scott campbell graphite drawings on eggshells
drawings on eggshells

artist scott campbell
illustrations on ostrich eggshells

pencil drawings on eggshells
graphite illustrations
snakes and roses illustrationsscott campbell artworks
skulll woman illustration scott campbell
spiderweb illustration on eggshell
art by scott campbell
snakes and roses graphite ostrich egg

The image used to promote his first west coast show, Noblesse Oblige, at the OH WOW gallery (now Moran Moran Gallery) in 2011:
illustrated ostrich egg shells

artist Scott Campbell
artist Scott Campbell

images courtesy of Scott Campbell, OH WOW Gallery and Marc Jancou Contemporary