This Is Your Brain on Ryan Reynolds 80s Ad Mashups

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The universally-liked celebrity, Aviation Gin-owner and founder of media company Maximum Effort, advertising/marketing whiz Ryan Reynolds rebooted the 80’s with a reimagined series of some of the decade’s most memorable ads. The retro-looking advertisements aired on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live In Front Of A Studio Audience on December 7th. In case you missed them, we’ve got them here for you.

Ryan Reynolds 80s Ad Mashups

Bob Vila and Alfonso Ribeiro in a This Old Home / Kool-Aid mashup.

The ABC series Live In Front Of A Studio Audience is a favorite for nostalgia-loving tv watchers. A re-creation of classic episodes from 80s and 90s sitcoms like The Jeffersons, Facts of Life, All In The Family, Diff’rent Strokes and more, only made with celebrities currently.

Alfonso Ribeiro in a Calvin Klein / Oscar Mayer spoof

On the episode that ran last week viewers were treated to retro 80s-style ads by Reynolds featuring famous personalities from that era including Bob Vila, Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame and Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You may recognize Reynold’s voice as the voiceover on his own ‘snuck-in’ ad for Aviation Gin.

Jennifer Beals appears in an ad for Jack In The Box “Shoulder Patties”

Memorable ads like those from Calvin Klein (with Brook Shields), Oscar Mayer (Hot Dogs), Heinz (Ketchup), Kool-Aid (hey Kool-aid!), Kraft (American Cheese), PSA (Your Brain on Drugs), Jack in the Box and more are mashed-up with Daytime Soaps, 1-800 ads or one another. The results are funny parodies of the originals in Reynolds’ affable style.

A Heinz Ketchup Anticipation mashup with popular 80s Daytime Soap Opera

At the end of the reel is a sincere ad for Aviation Gin voiced by Ryan.

Take a look:

Celebrity, Aviation Gin Owner and Maximum Effort founder, Ryan Reynolds

We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!