Puppy Chow. PhyDough Is An Organic Food Truck For Dogs!

PhyDough Food Truck for Dogs

Gourmet cookies, ice cream and take-home dough are for the dogs. At least these particular ones are. And delivered in a gourmet food truck, no less.

above: Truck graphics designed by Coolhaus

PhyDough is the brainchild of Patrick Guilfoyle, self-proclaimed dog lover, food snob and Francophile. Owner of Burbank’s Double Dog Dare Ya, Patrick originally began by creating preservative-free cookie dough for dog owners to bake the treats for their canines at home. Upon recognizing the growing popularity of gourmet food trucks, he teamed up with Natasha Case of Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck fame who helped him to bring the PhyDough Truck to reality.

above: a fan photo from Facebook shows ZuZu, a fan of the peanut butter and bacon ice cream sandwich

above: (another fan photo) Che loooved his peanut butter bacon ice cream and peanut butter cookies 🙂

Made with organic and human grade ingredients, the treats do not use processed sugar though some contain syrup) and Coolhaus makes the soy or yogurt based ice cream treats for the dogs. The PhyDough itself is available for take-home and bake yourself usage. The products need to be kept in the freezer because they are preservative-free.

Note: these are only for canine consumption, not for children or adults.

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