We All Prefer Diamonds – When Packaged Like These Papelaria Memo Pads.

Papelaria Diamond Note Pads

It’s all about the packaging when it comes to these Papelaria Diamond Note Pads. Gem shaped and embossed pads made of the finest paper from the Brazil based company come in boxes printed with proof that women  (and men) prefer diamonds.  Three fun options.

Papelaria Diamond Note Pads

These come in Boxes that lock are printed with three cute sayings. Inside are memo-pads shaped like diamonds in three different colors.

“Chocolate is Fattening, I Prefer Diamonds” box with grey note pad:

“Flowers Die, I Prefer Diamonds.” box with green memo pad:

“Perfume Evaporates, I Prefer Diamonds” box with blue memo pad:

Visit Papaleria for more wonderful paper items.

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