Philippe Starck for Baccarat. Zenith Chandelier Evolves To Marie Coquine.

Philippe Starck for Baccarat

Baccarat’s classic 12 light Zenith Chandelier gets a modern makeover by Philippe Starck as both a floor lamp and suspended lamp. Named The Marie Coquine, the 12 light chandelier and floor lamp take the classic crystal design and add some whimsy with an umbrella like shade and sandbag-like weighted counterbalance.

Philippe Starck for Baccarat

The original iconic Baccarat Zenith Crystal Chandelier:

above: the Classic Zenith 12 light Crystal Chandelier for Baccarat sells for $30,700.00

The new MARIE COQUINE CHANDELIER 12 LIGHTS – a cheeky and innovative reinterpretation of Baccarat’s classic Zenith chandelier by Philippe Starck:

Clear crystal and white lampshade, Price: $29,500.00

Pushed even further, the floor lamp version is an innovative reinterpretation that includes a counter weight.

The new MARIE COQUINE FLOOR LAMP by Philippe Starck:

Clear crystal and white lampshade by Philippe Starck, Price $38,000.00

Both are available from Baccarat

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