Percolate In Style With Pantone Universe Coffee Pots.

Pantone Universe Coffee Pots

Whitbread Wilkinson has just launched Pantone Coffee Pots in three different sizes. The colorful percolators have a retro Italian style –that is pretty darn cool– and come in your choice of Pantone Colors.

Pantone percolators

Made of heavy cast aluminum with octagon shape construction, these coffee pots are for use on electric, or gas stove tops. Made by Whitbread Wilkinson (licensed by Pantone Universe), they make espresso in about 4 seconds and make great gifts. Available in three different capacities (3 cup, 6 cup and 9 cup) and two great Pantone color options for each size.

Pantone Coffee Pot 3-Cup:
Pantone percolator 4 IIHIH Pantone percolator 2 IIHIH
Price: $30, Comes in Pantone 215 (fuschia) and Pantone 2294 (Lime)

Pantone Coffee Pot 6-Cup:
Pantone percolator 3 IIHIH
Pantone percolator 1 IIHIH
Price: $35, Comes in Pantone 630 (aqua) and Pantone 186 (red)

Pantone Coffee Pot 9-Cup:
Pantone percolator 5 IIHIH Pantone percolator 6 IIHIH
Price: $40, Comes in Pantone 661 (blue) and Pantone 569 (Turquoise)

Buy the Pantone Coffee Pots here