Ah, the Sweet Smell of Design. Pantone Candles and Toothbrushes, Too!

pantone candles and toothbrushes

Ah, so that’s what PMS 15-5217 smells like.

Pantone Candles and Toothbrushes

Pantone Universe (the company behind the Pantone Matching System of colored inks) just keeps pumping out the products – this is actually my thirteenth post on Pantone-related products.

The latest Pantone-branded item for the home from the color inks standard are scented Pantone candles in three sizes and 10 PMS colors. Apparently the candles are created by Belgium-based Ilanga for Pantone and like many of the their products for the home, they do not seem to be available in the US, at least not yet.

Pantone Candles and Toothbrushes

Although there is a dedicated website, it is not up and running, but you can purchase some of the candles at Vinçon (only Honeysuckle and twilight) and at sometimes you can find them on Amazon

Pantone Toothbrushes

In addition to the candles, other new offerings from the Pantone Universe are Pantone Toothbrushes in a set of five.

pantone toothbrushes
pantone toothbrushes
buy the set of 5 here. sold out

And there’s even a Pantone Contact Lens case.
pantone contact lens cases

buy them here.
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