A Pantone Cafe Pops Up In Monaco

pantone cafe in monaco

Pantone has opened a temporary pop-up cafe on Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. The Monaco Restaurant Group is behind the colorful cafe that serves color-coded coffee, croissants, Italian sodas, sandwiches, foccacia, snacks and homemade ice cream throughout the day.

Pantone Cafe in Monaco

The walk-up cafe pays homage to the iconic Pantone Matching System, with everything from the decor to the food being assigned the Pantone numerical codes and swatches.

The Pantone food and drink:

The Pantone Trays:

The Pantone Chairs:

The Pantone Teas:

The Pantone Bottled Sodas:

The Pantone Espresso machines:

The Pantone Italian Ice Machines:

The Pantone Uniforms worn by the waitresses:

The Full Pantone Cafe Menu:

The Pantone Cafe in Monaco will only be serving through early late August.

The Pantone Cafe

all images courtesy of The Pantone Cafe site and instagram

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