Taught By Marcel Marceau, Omar Robles Photographs Dancers In the Streets.

Omar Robles photographs dancers in the streets

With over 160k followers on Instagram, NYC-based photographer Omar Z. Robles is fast becoming a recognized name. His images of ballet dancers in the streets of New York and Cuba have garnered him much press of late including features in The New York Times, Mashable, Instagram’s Blog, The Phoblographer, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Design Taxi and Harpers Bazaar.

Omar Robles Photographs Dancers in the Streets

Dancer Da?nnery Paiz ©omar z. robles

Interestingly enough, his interest in capturing photos of the active human form began with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, who taught the photographer when he was a student in Paris, how to interpret the world through subtle but riveting movements.

Dancer April Giangeruso ©omar z. robles

Robles employs those learnings today in his stunning photo series of ballet dancers. Directing the dancers to tell stories through their bodies, as taught to him by Marceau, he contrasts the elegance of their sinewy forms against the gritty backdrops of the streets of New York City, Cuba, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and other rugged city landscapes.

Dancer Eriko Sugimura ©omar z. robles

The results are breathtakingly beautiful. The photos in this post are from Omar Robles’ instagram feed and Facebook page and were taken in the streets of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guatemala and New York in 2015 and 2016.

Dancers Javier Rojas and Keyvin Martin ©omar z. robles
Dancers Laura Valentin & Daniel Saez ©omar z. robles
Dancer Daniela Cabrera
This is probably one of my favorite images from my shoots in Cuba. While I was shooting Daniela Cabrera, this elderly woman got really close to her and just stood there watching her for the longest time. I’m almost certain she didn’t even notice me shooting. It seemed as if she was reminiscing about her own youth. As she stood, I moved back to adjust my composition and include her into the frame.” – Omar Z Robles
Dancer Daniela Giannuzzi ©omar z. robles
Dancer Jacline Henrichs ©omar z. robles
Dancer Keyvin Marti?nez ©omar z. robles
Dancer Ali Lubin ©omar z. robles
Dancer Addison Ector ©omar z. robles
Dancer Allie Gee ©omar z. robles
Dancer Terk lewis ©omar z. robles
Dancer Mietta Gornall ©omar z. robles
Dancer Patricia Colón ©omar z. robles

No surprise he’s already been commissioned by – or serves as an ambassador for –  such brands as Jaguar, Gap, Apple, Esprit, The Guatemala Tourism Board, and Fuji film.

Dancer Jasmine Chiu ©omar z. robles
Dancer Camila Maylee ©omar z. robles
Dancer Alexandra Jacob ©omar z. robles
Dancers Laura Valenti?n & Daniel Saez ©omar z. robles

Omar Z Robles
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