Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To! A Dr. Seuss Parody Book

dr seuss parody book oh the meetings you'll go to!

Although written for one’s first foray into the work force, this parody of the Dr.Seuss classic “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” also makes a funny gift for those dreading their return to the workplace after the four-month long quarantine from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To! Dr. Seuss Parody Book

Written by a first-time author who goes by the pseudonym of Dr. Suits, the parody book “Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!” is a funny, inspirational, somewhat brutally honest look at entering the corporate workforce. Geared to new employees or 20-somethings’ first jobs, it doesn’t hold back when it comes to corporate-world realities left out of your school education and friends’ advice.

Makes a great gift for College graduates or anyone facing the world of adulting – especially the corporate world.

The hardcover book has 48 pages and costs $12.99 (price subject to change).

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