Nui Studio Terrarium Lamps Glow and Grow Without Sunlight.

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The Lamp Mygdal by Nui Studio is a functioning table or pendant lamp inside which is an autonomous ecosystem that allows plants to grow in windowless or dark environments.

Nui Studio Lamp Mygdal

Now even the most dimly lit, windowless rooms can foster plant life. The team at Germany’s Nui Studio, formerly known as “Studio We Love Eames”, has devised a lamp that allows plants to photosynthesize in environments in which they previously could not.

Through its smart design, the plant light Mygdal has an electrically conductive glass coating rendering an invisible connection between the power source and the LED. This technical innovation combined with an aesthetically pleasing design of mouth blown and hand-finished glass creates a soothing atmosphere that illuminates, literally and figuratively.

The lamps are named after Peter Kuchinke, a glassmaker from Mygdal, a village in Northern Denmark. When translated into English, the word Mygdal means “fertile soil.”

You can get an idea of the size by looking at the images of them cleaning and hanging the Lamp Mygdal below.

Although they have produced several, the lamps are not yet available for purchase. However, Studio Nui says it’s goal is to start manufacturing them on a larger scale. Stay tuned for updates here.


Creative duo Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke from Nui Studio

Nui studio, formerly known as “Studio We Love Eames”, was founded by Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke in 2014. Sharing their vision, they transform unconventional ideas into functional and aesthetic furniture design, thereby making that vision discoverable through their products.

images and info courtesy of Nui Studio and Fast Co. Design

Nui Studio

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