Artists Create Their Own Versions of Movie Posters For Tim Burton’s Big Eyes.

Movie Posters For Tim Burton's Big Eyes

Opening in theaters on December 25th is Tim Burton’s critically acclaimed biopic about Margaret Keane, the artist who painted waif-like children with enormous eyes in the 50s, 60s and 70s but whose husband, Bill Keane took the credit. The Weinstein Company, who is putting out the film, invited nine artists to create their own posters for the film.

above: Amy Adams as Margaret Keane, an artist known for painting faces with absolutely enormous eyes, whose husband (played by Christoph Waltz) took credit for her work and sold it under his own name.

The official International Movie Poster for the film put out by The Weinstein Company:

Movie Posters For Tim Burton’s Big Eyes

And here are the nine artist interpretations:
Alex Kirzhner:

Amy Benjamin:

Zelda Devon:

Dustin Stanton:

Jane Mai:

Jacob Sanders:

Kurt Huggins:

Mad Creative:

Narek Gevorgian:

Fan Art Contest
In addition to these nine posters, the Weinstein Company has announced a fan art poster contest for the movie. Just create your fan art version of a poster for Tim Burton’s Big zeyes and post it to Tumblr tagging it with #BigEyesArtContest for a chance to win some incredible prizes.

Big Eyes Selfie
There’s also a fun app that lets you add “Big Eyes” to your own portrait here

If you’re a fan of Margaret Keane’s work, you should see this post I wrote comparing Margaret Keane’s work to that of contemporary artist Sas Christian

Director Tim Burton in front of Margaret Keane‘s paintings (photo by Leah Gallo – © 2014 The Weinstein Company.):

Big Eyes official site

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