Scott Eaton’s Latest: The Moai iPad & iPhone Docking Station [UPDATED]

Moai iPad & iPhone Docking Station

The Moai iPad & iPhone Docking Station is inspired by the silently powerful, eternal vigilance of the monolithic icons of Easter Island. A humorous take on the persistent distraction of modern digital life, The Moai has just entered production and should be available later this year.

This is designer Scott Eaton’s third fabulous sculptural piece designed for use with technology.

above: An image from Scott’s studio of a selection of material tests for the Moai Docking station

Eaton previously created the original and mini Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station and the Hercules XIII Tablet Holder, both of which are available for purchase here.

above: Designer Scott Eaton’s previous products, Hercules XIII and Venus of Cupertino (in both mini and large sizes)

Learn more about the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station here
Learn more about the Hercules XIII iPad /Tablet Holder here

About Scott Eaton:

Scott Eaton, show above working on a bronze sculpture of late musician Amy Winehouse, is a very talented artist, illustrator and sculptor with a knack for rendering human anatomy. He also won Cannes Lion’s highest honor, The Grand Prix, for Innovation in 2014 for his Megafaces project at the Sochi Olympics (shown below).

Scott Eaton continues to undertake unusual projects and product designs. Learn more about him at his website here

Shop for Scott Eaton’s sculptural tech products here

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